Client Solutions

Specialist Media Publishing Services

CWPG can help you devise made-to-measure printed and online communication and marketing solutions for your targeted audience.

By blending print and online publishing, we can create carefully tailored hybrid products that we know will influence consumer behavior.

We provide the very best of professional expertise when it comes to editorial and design.

Not only is CWPG different in that it can fund your products through advertising, but our publications are beautiful, engaging and influential as well.

A custom publication is a magazine or other printed vehicle that uses an editorial point of view and voice to inform and influence readers about consumer brands, lifestyles, products and services that are of interest to a targeted audience.

CWPG designs its magazines and distribution programs to reach your specified audience—where it lives, shops, works and plays—through retail, Internet, direct mail and promotional opportunities.

Ask us how we can open a whole new revenue stream for your company.