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10 things you should know about managing your money at university or college

1 June 2023
Managing your money as a student can seem daunting, but it’s an important skill to learn. MoneyHelper has compiled some tips to help you make the most of your money at university or college. 

Building Supply Chain Resilience through Digital Trade

24 May 2023
Resilience, agility and flexibility all remain key objectives for companies operating cross border supply chains

Fashion savvy

24 May 2023
With the cost of living ever-rising, Claire Muffett-Reece reveals some clever ways to hunt for clothes that won’t eat into your finances

Wise up about cholesterol

24 May 2023
Keeping your cholesterol levels in check has huge benefits for your health and wellbeing, as Michelle Higgs explains

Training courses

17 May 2023
ICC’s Centre for Digital Trade & Innovation training courses are designed to help companies comply with internationally agreed laws, standards and rules as set out in the WTO/ICC Standards Toolkit. Our training partners are exclusively licensed by ICC to ensure we deliver to the highest market standards.

5 top tips on getting your funding right for your Placement Year

17 May 2023
If you’re on a Sandwich course, reapplying for funding for the placement year will be slightly different next academic year. Not applying correctly can cause students to receive less funding than they are entitled to. We are here to help you get it right first time or to guide you if things go wrong! By Einir England, Cardiff University

Feeling lonely?

17 May 2023
The Better Health Every Mind Matters Loneliness campaign provides some practical advice and tips on how to help yourself or others if you or they are feeling lonely

Get saving savvy

10 May 2023
Cost of living stretching that purse or wallet string to capacity?Claire Muffett-Reece offers some essential advice on how to budget wisely

Speech Day One, International Trade for Prosperity Week

10 May 2023
Chris Woods, Corporate and Fiscal Affairs, Vice President, JTI

Feet first

10 May 2023
Keep your feet in tip-top condition, preventing problems from arising that could well have been prevented in the first place, as Claire Muffett-Reece explains